Cloud Journey

Whether you are forming a strategy to move workloads into the public cloud or you have already made the leap, our Cloud Journey workshops will help you make the right choices and get the best from your chosen cloud. The public cloud has changed everything. The agility, acceleration and reach it offers has enabled digital transformation at a rate that could not have been imagined ten years ago.

Large scale consumption of public cloud services has brought a new set of challenges. Maple Networks is a team of experienced people with a background in enterprise architecture and how to apply this thinking to the public cloud.

Data is the lifeblood of business today.  Our heritage is in designing infrastructure solutions in both the public cloud and on premises, to securely and efficiently support critical business data and applications. We can help you implement or accelerate a successful cloud strategy that allows you to secure, protect, manage and optimise your data in any location, to create value.

We have developed workshops to help optimise your cloud strategy, whether you are planning to move or have already made the leap. Choose any or all that suit your needs.

  • Apply enterprise data management tools in the public cloud
  • Reduce the cost of public cloud storage
  • Easily migrate workloads into, out of and between cloud providers
  • Avoid cloud lock in

Enterprise Data in the public cloud workshop

Understand the benefits of applying an enterprise data management strategy to the public cloud and how it can optimise your workloads, reduce cost and avoid lock in.

Workload placement workshop

Review of your workloads against agreed performance, security, availability and cost criteria to select the optimum location for each one

Enterprise architecture workshop

Utilise our decades of experience to review your architecture in the public cloud to ensure it meets the required policies for resilience, data protection and security.

Migration methodology workshop

Creation and testing of workload migration to and from the public cloud and (if required) between clouds.

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