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Maple networks aims to be the primary data and security integrator and service provider in the UK. Advising mid to high-end Enterprise customers across the public and private sector.

The world of data and cyber security is innovating at an incredible rate. Almost weekly a new product is announced that is the “silver bullet” you need. The reality is always something different. At Maple Networks we believe an effective data and cyber security strategy is a healthy combination of people, process and technology.

Why Maple for Cyber Security?

Our objective is to ensure that every penny you spend on cyber security, should bring tangible benefit to your business.

How do we do this? We help customers to identify relevant threats, deploy appropriate protective controls and implement right-sized detection and response capabilities.

Why do we do this? Organisations must accept that in today's digital world, one day they will suffer a successful cyber attack. We want to make that day for you a rare event but when it happens ensure you are ready.

We have taken the guesswork out of selecting the right products to build protective controls. Our ecosystem approach ensures alignment to your strategy. Our goal is to become a trusted partner that helps organisations, both private and public, create cyber security strategies that move away from being product led. Your cyber security strategy should be driven by your risk aligned to your budget. There is no return on investment with security, but there should be a benefit to investment. That benefit should be a reduction in the risk of a cyber-attack impacting your organisation.

Core to our approach is helping customers create a governance model that directly reflects relevant threats, the associated risk appetite and a way to measure the performance of every investment in cyber security, whether it is a process improvement, a service or a new control.

Why Maple for Data Solutions?

Data and storage is our heritage - our team have decades of experience across thousands of enterprise storage and data solutions.

Data is the most valuable asset you have today. We recognise that and it's why we focus on securing and ensuring its available, protected and compliant. Enterprise storage solutions have evolved to embrace the cloud.

Our experts have been working with enterprise data storage for over 25 years. Our data solutions range from enterprise on-premises platforms, hybrid cloud infrastructure through to cloud-native services. They are designed to keep your data available, protected and compliant regardless of workload or location.

Our multi-cloud approach means that you can easily implement, migrate and protect workloads on-premises, in a private cloud or in AWS, Azure and GCP. All using the same technology platform.

Why Maple for services?

We are the next generation of managed service provider, embracing orchestration and automation.

We recognise that many organisations prefer to run a Lean IT model, where their IT staff are focused on high value projects that directly impact how they go-to-market and deliver services to their customers. That’s why we have developed a range of simple, agile managed services that makes us responsible for delivering security functions that are often difficult for customers to deliver in house. Our objective is to deliver a managed service that is more cost-effective and a higher level of service than building it in house.

We are a team with a track record of scaling technology businesses across multiple disciplines and geographies.

Let us accelerate your digital outcomes.

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