Our goal is to become a trusted partner that helps organisations, both private and public, create data and cyber security strategies that move away from being product led.

Cyber Security Consulting

The core of a cyber security strategy should be risk management aligned to budget. There is no return on investment with security, but there should be a benefit to investment. That benefit should be a reduction in the risk of a cyber-attack impacting your organisation.

Core to our approach is helping customers create a governance model that directly reflects relevant threats, the associated risk appetite and a way to measure the performance of every investment in cyber security, whether it is a process improvement, a service or a new control.

We can then help you test the effectiveness of your investment and ensure it is fit for purpose.

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Data Solutions Consulting

Data is the lifeblood of business today.  Our heritage is in designing infrastructure solutions in both the public cloud and on premises, to securely and efficiently support critical business data and applications. We can help you implement or accelerate a successful cloud strategy that allows you to secure, protect, manage and optimise your data in any location, to create value.

We have developed workshops to help optimise your cloud strategy, whether you are planning to move or have already made the leap. Choose any or all that suit your needs.

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