Backup & Recovery

Backup should be simple, but in today’s multi-cloud world it risks becoming complicated again. Whether your data is at a remote office, in your datacentre, in a co-location facility, in a private cloud or the public cloud, you want a simple way to manage backup and recovery everywhere. Now what if you could make those same backups work for you? Near-instant disaster recovery to a location of your choice, migrate services between cloud providers or near-instant recovery of data should the worst happen (like a ransomware attack).

We have designed a simple, flexible platform that offers backup, disaster recovery and archiving with a single technology, designed for a multi-cloud world.


  • Flexible multi-cloud deployment - deploy physical or virtual appliances anywhere, on premises or in any cloud to protect, recover and migrate
  • Simple to set-up, easy to manage - get up and running in minutes, scale when you need to without forklift upgrades, policy, driven automation, compliance reporting and alerts
  • Lower TCO - reduce costs by 30% - 50% over traditional backup and recovery solutions by using the cloud for low cost, long term archiving
  • Improve backup performance - reduce the time to backup and the impact on critical applications
  • Turn backup into DR - recover instantly from any replica without rehydrating data on another endpoint
  • Cloud native - instant access for archived data, launch apps for test/ dev and migrations, protect cloud-native apps

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