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Kubernetes Service

Run and manage cloud infrastructure at scale with our universal Kubernetes control plane, regardless of where your cloud lives.

Kubernetes is today’s most widely-used platform for container and microservices orchestration and provides the scalability and flexibility required for deploying enterprise applications and services. Managing storage in a Kubernetes cluster with dynamic persistent storage provisioning massively reduces the manual administration required for allocating cloud storage to pods and containers.

Our Kubernetes service is a dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes that fulfils persistent volume claims using storage managed by Cloud Volumes leveraging Azure, AWS, or on-premises appliances as the storage back end for Kubernetes persistent volumes. This enables Kubernetes clusters to take advantage of the power of enterprise storage management for persistent volume provisioning in on-premises, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud environments.

Cloud Volumes HA provides storage failover capability that works across Availability Zones, and guarantees high availability, RPO=0, and RTO < 60 seconds. Snapshots are used to create instant, space efficient, backups of a storage volume of any size that can be instantly restored. Replication technology uses snapshots as the basis for incrementally replicating a volume to another instance of Cloud Volumes, which may reside in another region as a DR or backup secondary copy. High Availability Cloud Volumes is deployable to either AWS or Azure and delivers: A flexible, scalable, performant, and secure solution for deploying file shares and file services with multi-protocol access for SMB / CIFS and NFS access for both Windows and Linux-based file workloads.

Volumes created using Cloud Volumes are able to use built-in technologies such as thin provisioning, data deduplication, and data compression making it possible to reduce cloud storage footprint and operational costs by 50-70%. Cloud Volumes can transparently tier cold data to Amazon S3 or Azure Blob to save on storage costs. Using cloning technology, existing storage volumes can be instantly and space-efficiently cloned and made available for read/write use. Our Kubernetes Service integrates with cloning to allow persistent volume claims to use a clone, rather than always provisioning new storage.

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