SaaS Backup

Is your Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce data secure? SaaS Backup helps guard your data from threats or accidental deletion. Get daily, automated backup and point-in-time, granular restore of your critical Office 365 and Salesforce data, using a simplified central management interface and place your data where you need it.

Our SaaS Backup service for Office 365 and Salesforce is a secure, encrypted, cloud-native offering that protects your data for recover if its deleted accidentally or maliciously. Backup your data to a location of your choice - AWS, Azure or your own on-premises storage.

Key features -

  • Robust Office 365 and Salesforce data protection
  • Simplified management
  • Backup choice and control
  • Compliance and data retention
  • Backup to AWS, Azure on on-premises

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