Cloud Security

Cloud adoption is accelerating. Whether it is migrating legacy workloads, transforming applications to run natively or subscribing to SaaS applications, more and more organisations are adopting a cloud first approach. With the potential for cost savings, increased agility and reduced time to market, why wouldn't you?

From an infrastructure perspective, the public cloud providers (AWS and Azure namely) have raised the bar for security by adopting Zero Trust Network models as standard. However, they are very clear that security is a shared responsibility with the customer. The cloud provider's responsibility stops at the infrastructure layer, the operating system (if there is one), application, data and access is the customer's responsibility.

The cloud providers provide a plethora of tools for security in their platforms but its different to what you run on-premises and ties you in to their model. Wouldn't it be great if you could take your network, application and identity security tools and policies with you into the public cloud and manage then all in one place?

Today this is possible, by combining solutions from the leading security vendors with our services, we can create a model to simplify security everywhere (not just in the cloud), allowing you to apply your security policies once to your network, applications and identities and enforce compliance.

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