Endpoint Protection

Protecting your endpoint devices in today's fast moving, digital world is a constant challenge for any organisation. The endpoint itself has evolved and can now be anything from a traditional desktop/laptop to a multitude of mobile devices. The threat landscape is evolving and embracing new ways to infect and evade traditional detection measures.

Traditional signature based anti-malware solutions still have their place, but many are turning to next generation Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. Determining what is right for your organisation should be based on relevant threats and how the solution integrates with your overall cyber security strategy. EDR is the current trend but without a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to receive, triage and respond to the alerts, the investment may be wasted.

Understanding the options, products and how best to integrate them is never simple. Trying to do this whilst being sold to by a multitude of vendors is even more difficult.

Don't just renew your endpoint protection solution next time it is due. We can help you understand the options available and choose the right solution to deliver real benefits aligned to a wider cyber security strategy.

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