Identity and Privilege

With the widespread adoption of cloud services and applications, managing user identities and the privileges they have is a difficult task and one slip can result in a compromise and possible data breach. Add to this the need to enforce single sign-on (to make like easier for users), multi-factor authentication (to make you more secure) and regulatory compliance (because you have to) and the problem only gets bigger. Regular directory services are no longer enough.

You also need to consider the non-human users in your organisation. Application to application communication via Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) is now the accepted way to integrate systems on-premises and in the cloud. How do you monitor and enforce policy for these in the same manner?

There are now a plethora of toolsets available to deliver the next generation of identity and privilege management for both corporate users and consumers that allow Infosec managers to get control, enforce policy and alert to possible malicious activity.

We have partnered with leading vendors in the space and our context driven approach can help you understand the different options available, your needs and how best to integrate a solution into your current and future platforms.

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