Insider Threat

The risk posed by an Insider Threat in some organisations is greater than others, but every organisation needs to assess the risk and understand if it merits investment to monitor for malicious behaviour by people with approved access to data and applications. How would you know if an employee was about to leave and was taking your entire customer database with them? What if a disgruntled employee decided to cause malicious damage to your data and systems or decided to leak your most valuable IP to a competitor? What if an employee's device has been compromised or an employee is negligent?

User behaviour can be monitored in a number of ways. It can be observed via logging from critical systems but relies on clearly defined use cases to monitor for the Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and the people in a SOC to detect and respond to such an attack. There are now credible solutions available to buy that use AI and Machine Learning to try and alert against abnormal behaviour on the endpoints and within the network. These systems fail if you don't put in the work upfront to baseline what normal looks like first.

We can help. Our approach will first look at your risk and investment appetite to mitigate the risks identified. We can then select the right toolset to provide the data and insights to identify the IoCs in real-time and assess whether your existing team can provide detection, triage and response to any identified incidents.


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