Phishing attacks are increasing every year and this trend shows no sign of slowing. Cyber criminals love phishing as its a low cost way to randomly target a large number of people with a payload that can bypass every security control. The payloads can be anything from credential harvesting, ransomware delivery or achieving command and control to allow them to pivot and execute a further attack.

Users are seen as the weak link but organisations need to move away from a blame culture to one of support, education and encouragement. By taking this approach we can turn users into a defensive control. A good strategy to mitigate the risk of a successful phishing attack should combine filtering of inbound email, user education, a facility for users to report suspected phishing emails and the use of analytics and threat intelligence to proactively warn users of current attacks.

We can help you develop a phishing mitigation solution that combines people, process and technology. This will decrease the chance of a successful phishing attack. We will also assess your ability to detect and respond to an attack, either with your in-house SOC or to understand the benefits of outsourcing this to us.


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