Secure Browsing

Internet access is no longer a privilege or role based requirement, in the age of digital transformation and cloud first strategies, every employee needs it. Controlling what content users can access by whitelisting and blacklisting sites is no longer enough. Organisations need to safely enable Internet access for users whether they are inside the corporate network or mobile.

There are many solutions available that can achieve similar results. Technologies such as Internet Security Gateways, Browser Isolation and Content Filtering can all contribute to a strategy. However, a Secure Browsing solution must also consider SSL decryption, use of SaaS applications, how to consume DNS threat intelligence, Intrusion Prevention, integration with SIEM solutions and how to create policies based on user roles. In addition to this, it has been proven that the cloud is where these technologies need to run in order to enable mobility in a workforce, whilst maintaining the same level of protection regardless of location or device.

We are specialists and our approach starts with understanding your organisation, attitude to risk, budget and threat profile. This approach will help us select the right solution to enable Secure Browsing for your users.


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